Expert in antique Berber rugs and manufacturer of  wool carpets in 100% certified organic colors.


Nearly two decades of passion and expertise.

For over 17 years, Lamia and I, Wilfrid, have tirelessly scoured the Atlas Mountains in search of the finest, most authentic Berber rugs. Our passion and dedication to this ancestral art have enabled us to assemble an exceptional and unique collection, with over 4,500 pieces sold to date.

Discover the essence of Secret Berbère: a combination of tradition, excellence and innovation.


Birth of a Passion.

Berber rugs are not just a professional passion; they are the very essence of our existence. We breathe to the fabric's rhythm, every fiber of our lives intertwined with these precious fabrics. It was during a quest for these carpets that our fates were linked, merging in a love so powerful it led us to the altar. From this union was born Bill, a child cradled by the same passion that drives us. The Berber carpet not only lies beneath our feet, it beats in harmony with our hearts. In this, no one can match our devotion.

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