Our rugs

A comprehensive selection of top-quality carpets. From authentic Berber rugs to natural carpets.

  • Ecru Whites

    This category of rugs generally comes from the Beni Ouarain tribe. These thick, mountain-born rugs were originally used as blankets and sleeping mats. Authentic Beni Ouarain rugs are magnificent and majestic. They were highly appreciated by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé.

  • The Funs

    Fun rugs are full of color, fun and good energy, ideal for small spaces and children's rooms, and make magnificent wall hangings. This category mainly includes rugs from the Azilal tribe and Boucherouite rugs.

  • The Solid Colors

    Carpets from the Béni M'Guild tribe come from the Middle Atlas, more specifically from the Azrou, Ain Leu region. One of the distinctive features of these rugs is that they have no pattern. But despite their apparent single color, a more subtle pattern is created in the form of waves by the shades of dye in the wool. The Beni M'Guild also made magnificent carpets with very classical motifs.

  • The Recycled

    Boucherouite carpets are colorful and friendly. They are made from scraps of used clothing. Generally very artistic, these rugs are also very practical, as they are machine-washable and highly resistant.

  • The Artistic

    Each of our vintage rugs could be described as a work of art in itself. However, in this section, we have gathered and selected those that stand out for their particularly artistic and unique character. You'll discover rugs of incomparable value and exceptionality.

  • The Classics

    Magnificent traditional and ethnic Berber rugs from the tribes of the Middle Atlas have more geometric and Cartesian designs. Classic rugs for an atmosphere of subtle elegance.

  • The Masterpieces

    A collection of exceptional rugs, both for the high quality of their manufacture and the originality of their designs. One-of-a-kind pieces for your unique decor. Masterpieces that belong in museums.

  • The New Beni Ouarain rug

    A selection of Beni Ouarain carpets manufactured by us to specifications strictly in line with authentic, traditional Beni Ouarain carpets. These rugs are made by women on site in the Beni Ouarain territory or in our workshop.

  • The Secret Berbère collection, Europe's finest collection of vintage Berber rugs!