Beni M'Guild rugs

Berber Beni M'Guild rugs

Beni M'Guild rugs are among the most prized Berber rugs, originating in the Western Atlas region of Morocco, specifically from the Beni M'Guild tribe. Beni M'Guild rugs are renowned for their intense hues and deep colorations, ranging from deep reds to purples, blues and browns. Like many Berber rugs, Beni M'Guild rugs feature geometric patterns that include lozenges, chevrons and squares. These motifs are often repetitive and can be interpreted as traditional symbols with specific cultural meanings. Beni M'Guild rugs are often plain with stripes, due to the changing tonality of the wool dyes. Beni M'Guild rugs are therefore highly appreciated not only for their aesthetic beauty, but also for their functionality, their adaptability to diverse environments and their ability to incorporate historical and cultural richness into contemporary spaces.

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