The Secret Berbère collection, Europe's finest collection of vintage Berber rugs!

Our collection

We are proud to present the exceptional Secret Berbère collection of Berber rugs. The fruit of over 18 years of research and discovery, this collection represents a unique treasure trove of authenticity and tradition. With one of the world's largest assortments, SECRET BERBÈRE offers unrivalled diversity and quality. Each carpet in our collection is a unique piece, bearing witness to the art and history of the Berber people. These rugs are not just decorative objects; they are works of art steeped in history and meaning, hand-woven by craftsmen whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation. We know that the rug of your dreams is a unique piece that must resonate with your space and your style. That's why our website only shows a small part of our extensive collection. We encourage you to contact us directly if you can't find the perfect rug online. Our team is on hand to help you discover the one that will capture your heart and beautify your space.

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