For over 10 years, Secret Berbère travels around the Atlas mountains

in search of the most beautiful rugs.

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Secret Berbère was founded by the couple formed by Lamia Boua and Wilfrid Thoumazeau. Lamia, who has Moroccan origins, has grown in a world filled with carpet. Wilfrid is constantly on the lockout for the most extraordinary rug.

Together they found the way to merge their different experiences to offer you the most beautiful berber rugs from the Atlas with a great quality.

With a constant goal of transparency, they cut all intermediaries, thus distributing directly to the final client.


All our rugs go through our washing and restoration center in Khenifra, Morocco. In our studio we carry out all the stages to acquire a perfect rug. Our restorer, the most renowned in Morocco, replace the wool on the flawed rug with our stock of old wool drawn from vintage rugs.

Intensive washing without chemicals is applied to each one.

restaurateur berbere
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Since day one, Secret Berbère supports Berber women and provides advices to create high quality rugs, responding to contemporary demands.

Thanks to our experience we can provide requirements specification. The aim is to regain the techniques of their ancestors. 

We adapt the measures and the length of hair to satisfy our modern homes.

This is how our set of Beni Ouarain was born.


Our role is to keep local traditions alive and to create new rugs.

That is why we have reintroduced natural dyes that had disappeared for about 100 years in Maghreb.

To help us, we have brought together many specialists, such as internationally reputed ingeniors.

Les différentes couleurs de laine


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