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Pink Vintage Beni M’Guild Rug

Pink Vintage Beni M’Guild Rug

975.01 €

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  • 262 X 142
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  • Excellent condition
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  • Material
  • Wool
  • Date of creation
  • Années 70

About the carpet

Captivating and enigmatic, this Berber carpet from Béni M'Guild is an eloquent representation of ancestral art. Its rich fuchsia hue, invigorating and bold, pours out in a sea of nuances, from intense purples to soft, tender pinks. Light plays subtly on each fiber, revealing a depth and texture that almost seem to come alive before our eyes. The subtle variations in weave evoke the interwoven stories of generations past. A closer look reveals delicate pinkish nuances, similar to the first light of dawn on the Berber mountains. As for the bangs, they dance along the edge of the rug, adding a touch of rusticity and authentic charm.

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