Berber rugs are not just a professional passion; they are the very essence of our existence. We breathe to the fabric's rhythm, every fiber of our lives intertwined with these precious fabrics. It was during a quest for these carpets that our fates were linked, merging in a love so powerful it led us to the altar. From this union was born Bill, a child cradled by the same passion that drives us. The Berber carpet not only lies beneath our feet, it beats in harmony with our hearts. In this, no one can match our devotion.

18 Years of Passion.

Discover the beautiful story of Secret Berbère, the magical alliance between Lamia Boua and Wilfrid Thoumazeau. Steeped in her Moroccan roots, Lamia has always lived in the captivating world of carpets.

Wilfrid, on the other hand, is a veritable treasure hunter, perpetually on the lookout for exceptional rugs. Together, they combine passion and expertise to bring you the very best in craftsmanship.

From passer to creator

With the ambition to create something new, they have designed a range of very high quality rugs that combine luxury and relaxation, in an ecological spirit. Each rug is the fruit of a pure process: free from chemicals, dyed with natural colorants made from plants and certified by the Ecocert Bio label, attesting to their ecological excellence.

Remise à neuf

To combine quality and ethics, we have created a unique, protected workplace for our employees, a veritable art studio where the echoes of traditional crafts resonate in comfort that meets European standards. Here, the women's skilful hands design, dye, knot and give life to pieces of rare quality. Their laughter and complicity bring energy and happiness to every fiber, every knot, every pattern. Our rugs are not simply high-quality objects, but a reflection of the joyful, passionate souls of those who create them. From the raw wool to the finishing touches, everything happens in our workshops. And when our customers want a custom-made piece, it's also in this workshop that they'll be created, combining tradition and modernity, technique and know-how.

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Conseil & suivi


Conseil & suivi

Workshop of Natural Dyes

Each and every one of our carpets is welcomed into our washing and restoration center. They undergo a meticulous ritual: first our master restorer replaces failing fibers with preciously preserved old wools from rugs of yesteryear. Then each carpet is immersed in an intense, chemical-free bath to restore its original lustre.




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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. The Secret Berbère team is dedicated to satisfying your every need. Contact us and we'll help you make your dreams come true.