How to select your rug ?

What attracted us in Berber rugs is that, like their pattern, there is no specific rules. However we have to take account of a few things : rug create a real living area, it should not cover the entire space by touching walls and it should not giving the appearance of fitted carpets.

Tapis Secret Berbère dans un salon


Our space has to be well thought and, as much as possible, try to adapt it to the available rugs. For that, you must follow a few simple rules :  

- The rug should never be lesser than the sofa

- Ideally, you have to add 10 to 20 cm on either side of the sofa

- Chairs could entire or half rest on the carpet. 

Tip : A sheet may help you to make simulations.


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We suggest to :

- Choose a rug with short hair 

- You can estimate the size with this recipe : add 120cm to lenght and width of your table.

- This is also effective for a round table, add 120 cm to highlight the rug

- Exemple : For a 190 x 90 cm table , your carpet must measure 310 x 210 cm.


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Tapis berbère dans la salle à manger
Tapis berbère dans une chambre


To have a nice room you have 2 possibilities : 

- Install a large rug under the bed extend from each side : minimum 80 cm on the sides and 120 cm in front of the rug.

- Or install 2 rugs each side of the bed and one in front of it.


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To arrange your corridor, you have to :

- Check that the doors does not open on the corridor.

- Sometimes it’s better to have 2 small rugs instead of a big one 

- Maintain 20 cm of ventilation between the wall and the carpet. The lenght could be the same as your corridor.


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Tapis berbère dans un couloir
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