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  • Size
  • 252 X 176
  • Conditions
  • New
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  • Material
  • Wool
  • Date of creation
  • 2023

About the carpet

Boldly set against the white backdrop of natural wool from the Atlas Mountains, a chromatic frieze rises up like a totem of colors, all derived from 100% certified organic plant dyes. This carpet, the work of Naturels by Secret Berbère, is an invitation to a sensory voyage, where each nuance seems to tell a story, a fragment of the Berber soul. The irregular alignment of shapes and colors evokes freedom and spontaneity, but also a deep respect for tradition. The genius of this piece lies in its bold simplicity, highlighting the contrast between the calm of the natural background and the effervescence of its central frieze. It's a dialogue between past and present, a visual symphony that sings of the harmony of nature and art.

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