Naturals by Secret Berbère

First Creations

After more than 10 years supporting the market of old Berber rugs, Secret Berbère has created its own collection. Using centuries-old savoir-faire, they are now a part of history.

Naturals colors


We only use natural plant-based colorants for the dyeing of our rugs. These ones are based on old recipes from dyers' textbook. 

We don’t select our colours solely for their beauty. We call upon a team of French colourist engineer for colours that can withstand time.

Our natural rugs


All our natural rugs have chemical-free natural dyes. They are environmentally respectful and durable. We work with women from all over the mountains. Many of these women find themselves without an income, so Secret Berbère helps reintegrate these women into the workforce. 

Our natural rugs

Natural carpet


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