Vintage Beni Ouarain Berber Rug

Vintage Beni Ouarain Berber Rug

2,950.00 €

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  • Size
  • 355 X 187
  • Conditions
  • Excellent condition
  • Availability
  • Available
  • Material
  • Wool
  • Date of creation
  • Années 80

About the carpet

This Béni Ouarain rug is an ode to Berber craftsmanship. Its ecru weave, delicately dotted with black geometric motifs, evokes the starry nights of the Moroccan desert. But it's the wool itself that captivates. Unrivalled in its softness, it caresses the skin and bears witness to the exceptional quality of the fibers chosen. Woven with expertise handed down through generations, this rug is more than just a decorative piece. It's the reflection of a history, a people, a passion. Each dense, soft yarn tells a story of authenticity and excellence. A masterpiece, combining softness, quality and aesthetics.

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