les naturels by secret berbere

Yves carpet

Yves carpet

2,900.00 €

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  • Size
  • 338 X 246
  • Conditions
  • New
  • Availability
  • Available
  • Material
  • Wool
  • Date of creation
  • 2020

About the carpet

Evoking the majestic simplicity of the Atlas Mountains, this Naturels by Secret Berbère rug is an ode to nature in its purest form. The soft, luxurious virgin wool reflects the snow-capped peaks, offering a striking contrast to the dense, rhythmic black motifs that seem to emerge from the depths of the earth itself. These bold, deliberate patterns tell stories of yesteryear, Berber traditions and legends whispered in the moonlight. Each wool interlacement is a celebration of 100% certified organic vegetable color, capturing the raw, untamed beauty of nature. At its heart, this hand-woven masterpiece is both an artistic epic and a tribute to the land, embodying the very essence of Berber art.

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