Big diamond Vintage Beni M’Guild Rug

Big diamond Vintage Beni M’Guild Rug

3,650.00 €

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  • Size
  • 440 X 210
  • Conditions
  • Excellent condition
  • Availability
  • Available
  • Material
  • Wool
  • Date of creation
  • Années 60

About the carpet

Faced with this Berber carpet from the Béni M'Guild, you're immediately drawn in by the chromatic intensity that emanates from it. This masterpiece, worthy of a museum, is a visual journey through a palette of brilliant nuances. Deep reds, capturing the spirit of the setting sun, contrast with amber hues, evoking ancestral stories told by the fireside. Touches of green recall the greenery of the Middle Atlas mountains. Every detail, every motif, reflects age-old savoir-faire. It's much more than just a carpet; it's a window on the Berber soul, a testament to the cultural richness of a people.

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